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I'm Ruby. I pretty much envy everybody's life.

I’m at a ranch, with animals. Like bulls, donkeys all that shit. It was a party of about 11 people. I guess you could call it a “kick back” if that’s the kind of person you are. But they all drink and smoke. So they’re stealing beer from the “ranch house” begging people to buy them cigarettes and other substances. BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL UNDER 18. There’s so many freshman here. Yezus. Its like after 4am. I really want to go home, like oh my gosh. When I get cold my muslce restrict, which ia normal. But no. Since Im in the earlier stages of fibroid-myalsia it hurts so bad. I don’t know nor care if I spelled that right. Anyways I haven’t taken my medicine for it in days, ive just had my heating pad everywhere. So it hurts. I got hit in the back with a pipe. I don’t know whens the last time I ate. Mtv is on and I really want a cover, heating pad and Disney Channel. My stomach is growling. Good gracious. Its 4:24. Hopefully my mom can come get me at 6ish. Like this is horrible, never again.

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Remember when I got asked to prom whilst wearing this outfit. I do. I’m pretty sure it was a joke.












I didn’t know I wanted this until now.

clothes are optional.

So down for this.

how cute would this be to do with your crush or some shit
just be like oops i fell on you with my half naked body covered in paint

anyone want to play with me? ;)

I totally would. My bucket list as well.

no, instead have them all different shades of red or just put small enough spots to where you can still see the other color. play this with your friends, then after your done, don’t wash it off. just walk around, go shopping, or whatever. if any one asks, you have just fought in a great war and vanquished many enemies.
For an added touch, put on a band aid and say “opps, missed one.” and walk away

why not just use fake blood

Or real blood

well it started out as a cute idea…

here’s a transparent kylie for your blog

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