Rock On

I'm Ruby. I pretty much envy everybody's life.

I love makeup and fashion so much. Sucks so bad that I’m poor.

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im in such a weird phase of my life right now i really don’t know what im doing and im not sure if I even like the people I surround myself with but I have nobody else to hang with etc. I’m really lost right now and I hate it lol

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Okay so I went on a date with my boyfriend Friday, but before we went I had to go over to his house. I got so lost, like it was so dark and I was so uncomfortable in my sisters little Hyundai. I just knew a deer was going to come out and fuck shit up. So I was trying to kik him, because I guess texting is to mainstream and I was so embarrassed because I suck at directions. I ended up finding him and I met his brother. His dad wasn’t there which is ya know, gravy. We seen the expendables and if you paid me 1 billion dollars, I couldn’t tell you what that movie was about. I miss him though. I want him to stay the night, but my mom dont play that shit. I like that he grabs the booty. Slaps and grabs. I over share so much, it might be uncomfortable to some. I miss Elizabeth too. I love my guard girls. They are lifeeeeeeeee

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